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Simple Send as Attachment with Kmail (KDE Service Menu)

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Back when KDE 4 came out, it was missing the “send file” option from the left click (service) menu. ¬†Pretty silly. You create a desktop environment, and incredible file manager like Dolphin, and then forget to make it so you can pick a file and email it with the official KDE email client…

Fortunately, the fix was pretty easy: as service menu… so I cooked up a pretty simple fix, and posted it on KDE-Apps. The menu allows you to select one or more files, right click, and select actions… send with kmail. ¬†Every so often, people suggest improvements and we add them in.

Git Repository:
Stable Version: KDE-Apps page

Installation Instructions (thanks to OpenSource Fan)
1. Go to /home/my_name/.kde/share/kde4/services/
2. Create empty text file “SendAttach.desktop” or similar name with extension .desktop
4. Copy text from yours Service menu and Paste it to this file.
5. Start Dolphin and use it !-)