Simple Send as Attachment with Kmail (KDE Service Menu)

Back when KDE 4 came out, it was missing the “send file” option from the left click (service) menu.  Pretty silly. You create a desktop environment, and incredible file manager like Dolphin, and then forget to make it so you can pick a file and email it with the official KDE email client…

Fortunately, the fix was pretty easy: as service menu… so I cooked up a pretty simple fix, and posted it on KDE-Apps. The menu allows you to select one or more files, right click, and select actions… send with kmail.  Every so often, people suggest improvements and we add them in.

Git Repository:
Stable Version: KDE-Apps page

Installation Instructions (thanks to OpenSource Fan)
1. Go to /home/my_name/.kde/share/kde4/services/
2. Create empty text file “SendAttach.desktop” or similar name with extension .desktop
4. Copy text from yours Service menu and Paste it to this file.
5. Start Dolphin and use it !-)

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