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The bots…. are they coming for your job yet?  I’ve spent considerable time with chatGPT, DALL E and other LLM AIs , and while amazing, I’m not sure they are professional grade, just yet – save one area.


So much promise, but so far to go. ChatGPT codes like that person in CS320 who doesn’t understand what they are doing, but is really good a copying and pasting things together. You end up with sometimes things that work, and other times, code that will never work. There is a silver lining. For simple things, implement a routine for sorting a list of strings, ChatGPT does well. 

Art & Design

DALL-E, Stable Diffusion and other large language models make it trivial to make very visually interesting art work. Their alien understanding of human visual language makes for really interesting works. 


Probably where ChatGPT and friends are at their best is writing. Well-written, grammatically correct and full of overused filler. ChatGPT writes spam-grade content quickly. For places where high communication precision or accuracy is required, you’ll spend  a lot of time fact checking and editing ChatGPT’s output. 

In summary, I don’t think the current crop of LLMs are coming for your job if you are a designer or software engineer. If anything LLM AIs will become another tool in the toolbox. For writers, particularly those who write throw-away marketing content, ChatGPT is coming for you today.