Mike Seidle

This is me, Mike Seidle, dressed to the nines. The usual version comes in denim.

This blog is my personal website. Outside of my professional life, I’m the father of five (four daughters and a son), and married to Claudia (Bolaños) Seidle. Between the family and work, I try to go fishing when I can and spend as much time as I can outdoors.

Professionally, I’m an entrepreneur, programmer and recovering sales/marketing executive.

My latest project is WorkHere – a work-life social network that connects Workers and Employers. WorkHere is a very different experience – it’s like Zillow or Pokemon Go for jobs. For employers, it’s the first truly new recruiting tool to come out in about 15 years.

My previous startups include Virtual Payment Systems (I’m still on the board there), Focal Point Consulting (2002-2004)  Professional Blog Service (started in 2007, I left in 2010), Linking Indiana (2008 – Sold in 2010), and Indy Associates (2005-2010).

For more about me, check my LinkedIn profile or follow me on Twitter.

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