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Random Thoughts on Business

The last moths have been crazy. My oldest daughter has been battling unknown digestive issues after having her gall bladder removed, and things at work have been busy… so no time for blogging… which is tough for one of the guys who started Professional Blog Service. Hopefully I’ll have time for more than a few random thoughts in the future.

Feature Parity is a Waste of Time

Trying to match your competitor’s features is a complete waste of time. While you are busy catching up to what competitor X already has, some other competitor is thinking about what your customers will need next year, and building it. Focus your efforts on next year’s market, not last year’s market. Think about it. Growth is on the frontside of the adoption curve, not the backside.


Winning on Price isn’t Winning

I absolutely love Victor Wong’s latest post, Winning on Product, not Price.  He explains something that every business person needs to understand: differentiate on product, not price. When you win on price you aren’t winning, you are just playing in a less competitive league.  o

Marketing Requires that You Generate Attention

If you want to get leads, grow your market share, or just add a few new customers, you are going to have to draw some attention to yourself. Don’t be afraid to make a little noise and be noticed. After all, no one is going to buy from you if they have no idea that you exist or what it is that you sell.

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