Stop Hiding Smart People from Customers

XKCD Comic

Source: XKCD. For laughs, click on the cartoon.

Stop believing that your company’s smart people (the  highly educated, technical and creative people) can’t or shouldn’t talk to customers. There are two very common myths about “smart people”:

  • People with high IQs have low Emotional Intelligence (EI).
  • Emotional Intelligence works like IQ – you have what you have and can’t change it.

Emotional Intelligence is the measure of human potential to relate and communicate with others. Reality is that unlike IQ, EI can be changed. It takes work, but over the course of a few years EI can be improved. More importantly, there’s also no correlation between high IQ and low EI.

In other words, it is perfectly possible to be both highly intelligent and be a very good communicator.

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