Startup Tools

So many tools, so little time. If you are working in a startup, you have even less time. Here are a few tools that  have helped me  quickly build WorkHere:


Mixmax is a set of extensions for Gmail that make it easy to be a one person army. Mail merges for small email blasts (200 people). Email tracking. Available time poling. Beautiful link previews. And a bunch of additional tools. It’s like a growth hacking kit in a cute, purple virtual box.

Easy mail merges for Gmail / Inbox.

Easy mail merges for Gmail / Inbox.


Open source marketing system. No per contact cost. Self host, or hosted. Mautic is a lot like expensive $1 per contact marketing tools without the expensive part. Now you can market like a pro without paying $10k for 10,000 contacts.



Actual accounting that is easy and flexible. Instead of thousands of subaccounts, you can categorize transactions across accounts so when the time comes to report on things like southeast sales and research and development, it’s easy and often avoids the export to a spreadsheet step.



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