A Few Quick Updates

  • I’m a little excited about the upcoming Paul Fangman Foundation Ice Yourself event. Steve Roseman, they person driving the Foundation has some very good ideas on how to serve people who have to live with Multiple Sclerosis, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Foundation raise enough money to really start making a difference. My father has MS so this is an issue that is very personal to me.
  • Professional Blog Service is running an article I wrote on Turbo Charging Your LinkedIn Profile. It gives step by step instructions on how to get more people to read your profile, and details the steps I took to get the number of visits to my LinkedIn profile to go from 5-7 per day to 70-80 per day. I’m working now on getting the VPS LinkedIn company page to do something useful.
  • I really enjoyed hearing Mitch Daniels, Indiana’s Governor, go on the radio and tell the truth: “Being next to Illinois is like living next door to the Simpsons.” An instant classic. I’m also hoping that Daniels school choice initiative that was launched in yesterday’s State of the State address becomes reality. It would go a long way towards fixing Indiana’s dysfunctional, dystopian and union dominated school system.
  • Finally, there’s a new Indianapolis Django Meetup Group that’s meeting on the 25th. See you there.

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