Android Friday: Winning Big

This week has been wild:

  •  First, Google bought Motorola Mobility (and in a separate, less reported deal, about 1000 patents from IBM)
  • Second, HP is exiting the PC business and dumping Palm.
  • Intel is giving tablets and Meego development tools directly to developers.

So what does it all mean?

Android is winning big. You can now stop worrying about the future of Android, and stop waiting for the market to develop. You can start developing and deploying now. Android is here to stay (as if that was ever really the question).

Google now has the patent war chest to defend Android developers and device manufacturers. Palm is headed the same direction as BeOS (the 1990s Windows competitor). Meego, the only other open source competitor to Android is now being fed to developers in hopes that something, anything, happens.

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