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Couple of Quick Updates

I’ve been pretty busy lately and not had time for the blog…

  • I’ve released several new open source packages via the DirectEmployers Foundation… and in speaking of the Foundation, we now have a website which explains exactly what we do bag adressen downloaden.  The first package is a URL shortener and click server for Django. Click servers (sometimes called URL routers) are important because they give a website a way to manage and measure inbound traffic that is often invisible to the browser, server or analytics tool herunterladen.  The second is a little more mundane: an improved Python API for SendGrid (a service that makes sure emails like “I forgot my password” and “Your bill is past due” make it to the recipient’s mailbox herunterladen.
  • We moved to Gmail at DirectEmployers Foundation and that prompted me to move my personal email to Gmail. As someone who has used traditional email clients for a long, long time, the adjustment was pretty easy… once I found the keyboard shortcuts download the book classic for free.

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