Companies That Don’t Train Employees Suck

One of the biggest mistakes that technology people make is not going to real educational conferences. When I joined the team at DirectEmployers, the single benefit that mattered to me was this:

  • Going to Djangocon in the fall.
  • Going to PyCon in the spring.

Why? I wanted to pick the right employer, and the single symptom of a company that sucks is that they do not invest in their people.  Sometimes lack of training is due to financial problems, sometimes it is due to fear of having to give raises, other times, it is fear of the loss of a few days of products. The bottom line: Companies that do not invest in improving their people suck.  Don’t believe it?  Track profit or productivity per employee and watch what happens after you start training. 

I’m on the plane with Josh Hudson, Matt Deboard and Rick Wherle headed to one of the best educational conferences in the technology world to get even deeper into Python. Which reminds me: when was the last time your employer let you take a week to improve your skills?  If it has been a while, you might want to look for a new job….

I’ll be using what I learn from  PyCon to make finding a better employer a lot easier for you.

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