Swift Code Cram

I’ve started working on a couple of mobile projects – a dashboard for Virtual Payment Systems and a geomarketing tool for recruiters. Last week, Eleven Fifty hosted a Swift Code Cram… just about the time I was deciding to learn Swift or re-learn Objective-C, so I figured it was a good investment to spend a few hours at Launch Fishers and see what Swift was all about Invitations to eat available for free.

NeXT Cube

Tim Berners Lee’s NeXT Cube schrift source sans pro download kostenlos. I learned Objective-C on one of these. Not very mobile, but the monitor (all 48lbs of it) did have wheels… (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The first thing that really struck me is the IDE driven workflow in Xcode moorhuhn spiele zum downloaden. Once you’ve spent a few years using pretty much the command line and a text editor, going back to the IDE is kind of refreshing.

The second thing samsung s3 bilder herunterladen? Swift is syntactic bliss compared to Objective-C. Swift is one of those languages that tries to live right in between Java or C# and Python or Ruby. That’s a nice place to be in herunterladen. Productive, powerful and type safe.

So, what to use? Swift. Definitely. Sorry Objective-C.

Oh, and while I’m at it: Eleven Fifty did a fantastic job claas dlc ls19. If their full week courses are taught at the same pace and level of detail as the Code Cram I attended, they are going to do great.

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