Swift Code Cram

I’ve started working on a couple of mobile projects – a dashboard for Virtual Payment Systems and a geomarketing tool for recruiters. Last week, Eleven Fifty hosted a Swift Code Cram… just about the time I was deciding to learn Swift or re-learn Objective-C, so I figured it was a good investment to spend a few hours at Launch Fishers and see what Swift was all about.

NeXT Cube

Tim Berners Lee’s NeXT Cube. I learned Objective-C on one of these. Not very mobile, but the monitor (all 48lbs of it) did have wheels… (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

The first thing that really struck me is the IDE driven workflow in Xcode. Once you’ve spent a few years using pretty much the command line and a text editor, going back to the IDE is kind of refreshing.

The second thing? Swift is syntactic bliss compared to Objective-C. Swift is one of those languages that tries to live right in between Java or C# and Python or Ruby. That’s a nice place to be in. Productive, powerful and type safe.

So, what to use? Swift. Definitely. Sorry Objective-C.

Oh, and while I’m at it: Eleven Fifty did a fantastic job. If their full week courses are taught at the same pace and level of detail as the Code Cram I attended, they are going to do great.

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