Scary Monster

The World is a Scary Place

Nothing helps gel how scary the world is like having to explain international events to kids. With adults, a shrug and “it’s complicated” explains it Free games brawl stars.

With kids it’s different. They want to know why. And they’ll keep asking until they get answers download gif twitter. Here’s a few answers I’ve had for my kids recently:

ISIS and al-Bagdadi

This one is easy. Al-Bagdadi wants to rule the world and make everyone give up their own religion and become Muslim i tunes für windows herunterladen. ISIS is an army. They come to a town, and kill everyone who disagrees with them and anyone they think might be a problem. They also give everyone in town a few days to become Muslim. After time is up, they round all the non-Muslims up and kill them.

Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine was once a “state” (this is the word Americans use for province) that was a part of Russia. In the 1990s, Russia’s communist government fell and many of the states became countries. Ukraine was one of these states. Now Russia wants parts of Ukraine back, and some of the people in Ukraine want to become part of Russia again. Many people do not, and so they are fighting each other.

Why does the world allow North Korea to exist?

(This one is tough) I do not know why the world is OK with North Korea existing. It is a terrible place.

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