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Product: Think About Market Share Before Adding Features

Listening to customers is usually a good thing. Sometimes, it is better to listen to people you want to be customers.

Your product’s features and design can help grow market share – if they appeal to people who are not already customers media player für windows 7 kostenlosen.

Customer requests often don’t add any new market appeal – they just do something that customers like. Often, a customer request adds little to your product’s market appeal:

Feature Doesn't Add Market Share

There are times where giving customers what they are asking for makes sense: protecting your market share from competition, increasing value (and with it price) and increasing loyalty video mit handy downloaden.

If you want to add customers, you need to think differently. Focus on giving people who aren’t your customers yet what they want:


The best features often appeal to both customers and new markets ausmalbilder zum herunterladen. Look for innovation “around the edge” when you can, and your product will create both fierce customer loyalty and appeal to new customers at the same time kun je alles downloaden op netflix.

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