Scary Monster

The Internet is Closed.

With India’s ban of TikTok and many other popular Chinese sites, the open Internet has taken a huge hit how to instagram pictures.

In banning China’s sites, India has accelerated the taming of the digital frontier filme downloaden online. Expect China to retaliate, and expect other protectionists to start banning foreign internet services.

Nations, many of which don’t understand or don’t want free speech or the free flow of ideas have wanted to regulate and control the internet for decades music on mp3 player for free. They see a free Internet as a danger to their ability to control their populations. In liberal democracies, we see battles to silence opposition and unpopular positions Download photos from iphone mac.

Many nations also see an economic battlefield, where money moves from border to border with little regulation and taxation. Unless you are the United States or China, it’s likely that the flow of money is outbound internet seite downloaden.

Ultimately, the Internet was never destined to be free. It was destined to be molded and sculpted into human society like every lawless frontier eventually is.

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