Eat the Dog Food

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How many companies actually use their own services and products?

Not many.

Two weeks ago I decided to make WorkHere “eat our own dog food” and use our own product to recruit a new software developer falk fahrradtouren herunterladen.

So how did it go? Incredibly, swimmingly well! The best part, though was what didn’t go well. I got to be the customer and experience for myself every nit, wart, and inconsistency herunterladen. And the best part is that I get to fix every one of them.

The experience reminded me of how important “dogfooding” is to product development nero download kostenlos vollversion windows 10.

You really can and should use your own product, and do so exactly as a customer would. You learn more. You see the details that even a customer doesn’t notice consciously schriftart alex brush herunterladen. Details that make the difference between a five-star rating and meh.

So, go ahead. Eat the dog food.

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