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Why Charter Schools and Vouchers Are Worth It

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of articles condemning charter schools and vouchers. Almost every article I’ve read goes something like this:

  1. Charter school perform about the same as public schools according to standardized tests.
  2. Charter schools and vouchers suck money away from (failing) local public schools.

Here’s why I think charter schools and vouchers are a great thing – regardless of standardized tests:

  • Your kids do not have five (to twenty) years to wait for a school to be fixed.
  • Your child should not be welcomed to school by a police officer and metal detector.
  • A place that requires drug dogs and on site police officers is probably a bad place for kids.
  • High rates of drug use and teenage pregnancy tell you what kind of peers your child will have.
  • Teachers are not the problem. Bad schools are.

Charter schools, vouchers and private schools are very good options. You universally get a better environment and often your child gets a much better education. No alternative to the local public school is going to be flawless. The key is that you do not have to accept a failing school or bad environment. You now have the power to send your child somewhere safe… without drug dogs and metal detectors.

Most importantly, you can do so today, not five years from now.

4 thoughts on “Why Charter Schools and Vouchers Are Worth It

  1. I’ve encountered quite a few education activists who are convinced charter schools are a ‘conspiracy’ to divert resources from ‘starving’ public schools to privatization! They simply deny the ‘benefits’ of COMPETITION which public education has escaped for far too long! As a result, they are so resistant to CHANGE which will inevitably occur whether or not they like it! It’s either going to happen with or withOUT them…it’s just a matter of time! Too bad kids can’t wait!

    • @Dr.Ho –

      I pulled my kids out of public education system, first for a charter, then after moving to an area with no charter schools and an awful middle school and high school, we moved to parochial schools. My kids don’t have time to wait for the “education activists” to discover a magic pony that will fix decades of rot…

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