Now is a great time to be alive.

I’m thankful that I was born in the late 20th century, in a country where working in a factory paid well, farming isn’t done with slave labor, where wars are limited (unless you live where the war is) and my middle class standard of living and lifespan would be the envy of…

Listen to your customers. Really.

If you listen to your customers, they will tell you how to succeed.

Resume Driven Development

Agile. Scrum. Waterfall. TDD. Extreme Programming. All programming methodologies that work. There’s one that doesn’t: Resume Driven Development.

Homeschool Dad

Homeschool Dad

I’m a homeschool dad. Not by design. I didn’t want to, but the experience all of my school-age kids were having was terrible. They were so focused on just surviving that there was no way they were learning.

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