Franklin Township School Referendum: Epic Fail

Note: I’m not happy that our schools are now facing being underfunded.

Well, the vote is in, and our local school system just found out it isn’t going to get a huge tax increase out of the local voters herunterladen.  A lot of people feel like it’s the end of the world:

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(Note: our local school system is Franklin Township Community Schools, just southeast of Indianapolis)

If you want to know why the referendum didn’t pass, though, all you have to do is take off the blinders and see the two 800lb elephants in the room:

  • Voters were not about to give up last year’s property tax cut that they had fought tooth and nail to get for as long as I’ve been old enough to care youcut.
  • There is a justice issue that needs to be addressed quickly: Schools in other areas of the state get nearly twice the funding from the State that Franklin Township does gratis hörspiele zum downloaden.  The state funds Gary at about $8,600 per student and Franklin Township kids at $5,600. This isn’t a race issue. It’s a justice and fairness issue Download undertale.

If you really care about the community, then the right thing is not to find the nearest active volcano and jump in. The right thing to do is to get organized and demand results from our County and State Government bibi und tina musik mp3 kostenlos. Maybe it’s time for all of us to collectively take a 15 minute drive downtown and rattle the Mayor, the Governor and the Legislatures windows a little bit instead of trying to pick each other’s pockets die siedler kostenlos herunterladen vollversion.

2 thoughts on “Franklin Township School Referendum: Epic Fail

  1. I think FT took on too much and asked for too much. The voters were never presented with any positive solutions – it was all gloom an doom. They presented themselves as bullies to the people who did not have kids in the schools. We do have kids in the system and well, they presented themselves as bullies to me as well. I am not happy we are in the whole, but there are other solutions if we stop belly aching and look at the whole picture! The state owes FT A LOT of money and we need to organize a party to get the state’s attention!

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