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If You Will Not Listen, Don’t Ask For Input

Ever wonder why leaders don’t often ask for input more often? Leaders don’t often ask for input from their followers very often because unless you are willing to listen, asking for input is dangerous.  Most leaders don’t listen very well and believe strongly in Sir Phillip Dormer Stanhope’s famous  maxim:

Many a man would rather you here his case than grant his request download os x version 10.13.

President Obama just illustrated this with the We the People petition project hörbücher gratisen kinder.

It seemed like it did not matter what the issue was, decriminalizing marijuana use, the fair tax, or investigating an injustice, “No” was the answer du jour phase 10 for pc download for free.  
Next, the people who championed the petitions will begin attacking the Obama administration (in fact, there is already a petition to fire the person who wrote the response on decriminalizing marijuama use) download the frame for pictures for free.  Eventually, We The People will become an annoyance the White House, and an even bigger annoyance to voters who on both the left and right are already up to their eyeballs with our elected leaders download all videos. Which brings me back to why leaders don’t ask for input very often:
Asking for input can be dangerous.
(BTW – I commend President Obama for asking for input – it takes a lot of courage to do so)

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