Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Veteran’s day

I served in the Navy. I never once felt like I was doing a thankless job. It’s easy to serve when the you are working for the greatest people defending the greatest country in the world herunterladen.

Although it is nice to hear “Thank You” from time to time, I would much rather you keep on making America worth fighting for. “Thank You” is common and empty Christmas cards. If you are genuinely grateful, you can do something that has much deeper meaning to everyone who ever put on the uniform:

  • Speak up for what you believe in tv neo app. Freedom of speech is our most important freedom. My fellow Vets and I served so that you can protest, burn flags, and speak your mind without fear. Even though I might not agree with you, I support your right to speak out without question.
  • If you are old enough, be aware of the issues facing your community and vote. Your vote makes a big difference in local elections. Your local councilmen, judges, prosecutors, clerks, mayors and trustees have more impact on your life and those around you than the President ever does.
  • Pursue your dreams. Ultimately, that is what America is about. Don’t waste opportunity.
  • If you are in the media, make sure stories about government abuse, oppression and injustice get out.
  • If you are a police officer, lawyer or judge, seek the truth and apply the law in a way that yields justice.

Every Veteran stepped up and took an oath that could have cost them their life. Some of us never fired a shot in anger or were shot at. But all of us put it all on the line. All we want is for you, the people, to live to the fullest in the freedom we swore to defend. Do that and there’s no need to say a word.

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