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The Professional Blog Service Logo.

In 2006, my Indy Associates business partner Paul Lorinczi and I were looking towards the future of advertising and marketing on the Internet anki overdrive herunterladen.  At the time, modern social media was about two years old and was quickly becoming the hot topic, and it was pretty clear that the future was social Download dj musik mixer for free.  Over the next year and a half we incubated the idea of building “blog centered” social media campaigns for clients.  Customers were receptive download amazon prime series on macbook.  By 2008, blogging and social media had become 40% of Indy Associates income, and our regular lines of business (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Web Development) were stagnant herunterladen.  So, we spun off the blogging idea as Professional Blog Service (eventually, I closed Indy Associates to pursue other growth businesses).

Our idea of interviewing executives, ghost writing blogs based on interview content, posting and promoting each post was a winner ballergames for free for android. One of our contacts said our tag line should be, “we do the work, so you can go to your meetings.”  As a result, we quickly picked up quality, Fortune 500 accounts, and to this day remain a leading blog service agency where to listening games for toniebox. Professional Blog Service is perfect for companies that want:

  • A high quality blog that gets traffic and  media coverage.
  • Content coordinated with other strategic communications foxit reader kostenlos download. Many of our customers will lead press releases with blog articles they can refer to in the release. This ensures the press uses the right facts and interviews the right experts Download windows 7 without key.
  • A brand driven social media presence where your people are seen as an enhancement of the brand instead of a bunch of rock stars.
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In 2010, I sold my majority position in ProBlogService to the management team (Erik Deckers and Paul Lorinczi) and now try to help Paul, Erik and the team as much as I can by serving on ProBlog’s Board of Directors adobe photoshop downloaden mac.

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