Mike Seidle

Mike Seidle

This is my resume. | This is my Development Portfolio.

Software Development

Software is awesome. Building software is the closest thing we have to superpowers. In my career I've been lucky - I've got to work with amazing tools and equally amazing people.

Development Philosophy
I like to build software the Agile way. Quickly ship code that works. Automate building, testing and deploying so you can deploy often and risk free. Iterate rapidly. Use tools that help others collaborate: Git, Github, Bitbucket, Trello, JIRA, Read the Docs. I like to leverage tools that let you deploy, orchestrate and scale like Salt and Amazon Web Services (AWS).


  • 2014-


    Startup helping business recruit local talent. Our product is a web, iOS, and Android app built using Node.js, MongoDB, Apache Cordova and the Meteor framework.

    Languages & Frameworks: JavaScript,Python 3, HTML5, MongoDB, Node.Js, Meteor, Leaflet, Twitter Bootstrap, PHP (marketing website)

    Development Tools: Bitbucket, Atom, Node Inspector, Salt, Emacs, Bash

    Hosting: Modulus

  • 2011-2014


    Content Acquisition

    Responsible for a team 4 us / 10 overseas who built and maintained a large scale web scraping and ETL (Extract/Transform/Load) system that acquired job advertisements from over 18,000 career sites. The system was over 10 years and our first task was to replace a pre-HTML5 Java based scraping system with a modern Scrapy based system. We also wrote and maintained an XML feed processor written in C#, an ETL processor written in Java and orchestrated everything with an API built using Django.

    Languages & Frameworks: Python, Java, C#, Redis, Elasticsearch, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Django, Salt, XML, Scrapy

    Development Tools: JIRA, Gitlab, Github, Salt, Eclipse, WingIDE, Emacs, Bash

    Hosting: Ubuntu in own data center

    .JOBS Microsites & My.Jobs

    Powering over 20,000 job boards and corporate career sites, .JOBS Microsites was designed to win search against sites like Career Builder and Monster. Under the hood, Microsites was built using Python and Django and stored data in MySQL and Apache SOLr. The front end was built using Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and a collection of jQuery plugins. Both .JOBS Microsites and My.Jobs were hosted on Amazon AWS using an NGINX load balancer and multiple front end web servers.

    Languages & Frameworks: Python, Django, MySQL, SOLr, Amazon AWS

    Development Tools: JIRA, Gitlab, Github, Salt, Visual Studio, Eclipse, WingIDE, Emacs, Bash

    Hosting: Amazon AWS

    Direct Traffic

    A Unica based web analytics system that used clickstream data from all DirectEmployers web properties to provide employers with key metrics on clicks from job boards, state job banks and corporate career sites. DirectTraffic used a set of Python, PowerShell and Windows Batch scripts to acquire data, analyze it as well as manage user accounts and user access.

    Languages & Frameworks: Unica, Python, PowerShell and Batch files

    Development Tools: JIRA, Gitlab, WingIDE, Emacs

    Hosting: Windows in own data center

  • 2008-present

    Virtual Payment Systems

    VPS is a easy to use, secure credit card and ACH payment processing system designed for education, government, law firms and insurance brokers. I recently updated VPS to improve support for mobile devices and added over 200 new features.

    Tools: Python, JavaScript, Django, Twitter Bootstrap, MySQL

    Development Tools: Bitbucket, WingIDE, Emacs, Salt, Bash, Org-mode

  • 2008-2010

    Linking Indiana

    Indiana focused social network, news aggregator and job board.

    Languages & Frameworks: PHP, MySQL, Joomla

    Development Tools: Subversion, Emacs, Bash, Org-mode

    Hosting: CENTos

  • 2008-2010

    Professional Blog Service

    Custom blogs built using Wordpress.

    Languages & Frameworks: PHP, MySQL, Joomla

    Development Tools: Subversion, Emacs, Bash, ProjectPier

    Hosting: Dedicated CentOS servers or customer servers.

  • 2004-2011


    Over 80 websites and web applications for clients including ETS, Jist Publishing, Microsoft, and RCI. Our focus was online marketing, so many sites were content management systems, ecommerce systems or early web 2.0 social mashups. Often times, in addition to coding, I was writing requirements, recruiting developers and even doing design work.

    Tools: Python, Java, C# PHP, MySQL, Zope, WordPress, Mambo, Joomla, X-Cart, OpenAds

    Development Tools: Subversion, Emacs, Bash, Microsoft Project Manager, dotProject, ProjectPier.

    Hosting: Dedicated servers, shared hosting, customer servers, Windows and Linux.

  • 1998-2000

    Expanse, Inc

    I built our company website using Python and Zope - an object oriented content management platform. Our site was highly integrated with our GoldMine CRM systems and allowed automatic lead routing and autoresponders when a visitor completed a form.

    Languages & Frameworks: Python, Java, Zope, MS SQL Server

    Development Tools: Emacs, MS SQL Server

  • 1994-1997

    National MS Society

    Built state chapter website on a volunteer basis. Featured dynamic event calendar and various email forms.

    Tools: Perl, HTML

  • 1986

    Portable Medical Software

    Vascular diagnostic software for the groundbreaking Sharp PC-5000. We used Turbo C and Microsoft Basic and switched to QuickBASIC (which grew up to become VisualBasic). Eventually we upgraded to 386 desktops.


(202) 827-6804

Operating Systems

Linux/Unix Admin
Windows Admin
Amazon AWS

Operating / Cloud Systems

  • Linux/Unix Admin
  • Windows Admin
  • Amazon AWS

Software Development

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Software Development

Languages: Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, PHP, C, Bash, Lisp, many others
Database MySQL, MS SQL Server, Solr, ElasticSearch, Redis, MongoDB

Outside Work

International standards consortium. Member 2012, Board of Directors 2012-2014. Standards Matter. Helped create HR industry wide standards for data exchange and interoperability. Launched government initiative in 2013. Participated in Business Steering Committe, Government Committee, as well as recruiting technical committee.
School Commission Member 2012, 2013. STEM Committee 2014. Helped K-8 school earn grant for campus WIFI cabable of supporting classroom, event and staff traffic. Currently working on updating STEM curicula and infrastructure to help the school be ready for the next 25 years.
Indiana Business Network
Founder 2008-2012. Local business networking group with over 400 members and six meeting locations. Hosted 2010 Chocolate Business and Blues event with over 800 attendees.


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