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You may have noticed things are looking a little different. I decided to switch from Drupal to WordPress to simplify life warface for free. It’s nothing personal against Drupal, I love it and have done my best to help the Indianapolis Drupal community grow. Unfortunately, I use a remote blogging tool (Blogilo) to write, and Drupal’s blogging API simply was too much of a pain to work with Sky q series. Blogging technology should not get in the way of communication, and frankly, Drupal is a great platform for many things, but for a simple, personal blog, it’s like using a 747 to go to the grocery store dropbox herunterladen verhindern. So, now that I’m using WordPress only, life goes on, but I can post more often because Blogilo really saves a lot of time for me.

Note: I’ll port all the old content sometime, but right now I have some work to do for VPS and for a private client monument valley to download.

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