Swarm of androids

The Year of Linux Already Happened

Everyone talks about Linux on the desktop being the yardstick for success. Reality is that Linux is simply taking over, quietly, and inside the edges, where cost is more important than cutting edge technology:

  • You use Linux every day if you access the web. Major sites use Linux. They always have. It’s that simple.
  • That Android smartphone in your pocket? That’s powered by Linux – Android is simply the distribution (and toolkit).
  • Chances are you have at least one router, printer, print server, MP3 player or NAS that runs Linux.

Reality is you are already surrounded by penguins, and that trend is going to continue as Android grows in market share and companies keep coming out with cheap gadgets that do cool stuff because Linux enables them to do so. Oh, and and don’t believe the hype. Linux is a fine desktop operating system, and the batteries are included (OpenOffice, VLC media player, Amarok, and even a great blogging client), and it works the the two of the most popular browsers on earth: Firefox and Chrome.

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