Dude, I Don’t Want to Watch You Code

Disclaimer: I formally apologize to anyone that I’ve ever live-coded into a fit of disinterested rage.

I know you’re a Rock Star. You can code. Live. Without a net. You are awesome.

I don’t want to waste my time watching you code.


It’s a waste of everyone’s time.

Bonus: you look like an idiot.

We’ll remember you more for being the witty and drinking buddy fun idiot who didn’t bother to try out your solution before showing up. We’ll remember you for being the guy furiously reading Parse’s API docs because your app barfed up an object does not exist error. We’ll remember you for your mastery of code finding Google-fu.

We’ll remember you for being funny, witty, and being good at tap dancing.

But we will not remember what you signed up to share with us.

Remember how you were going to show us how Parse, React and Node could alter the space-time continuum? Well, about that: we just got a lesson in reading the docs, searching StackExchange and how to keep track of 18 tabs in chrome. Bravo, golf-clap, here-here.

If you are going to present at a MeetUp, no matter how über-competent you are, please take at least 30 minutes to prepare your presentation and check your code.

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