Android Friday: Tasker is This Week’s Awesome App.

Editing a Task in Tasker

Every Friday, I’m going to start posting something useful or interesting on Android…

Tasker is a tool that lets your phone do stuff automatically herunterladen.  It’s so useful, it’s kind of hard to explain.  Ever want to have the kid’s phone text you when they leave the house? Easy. Want to have your phone automatically set the ringer to vibrate when you are at Church download title from apple music? Done.  Want to automatically go to airplane mode late at night? No Problem.

Tasker makes it possible to have your phone automatically do things based on location (GPS or network based), time, events or changes download from google images iphone.  To create a “task” you select what triggers it, then tell Tasker action to perform.  That’s where the fun begins. Tasker has over 190 actions built in https ///cccam-2-3-8 downloaden.

“If you buy one app for your phone, buy the Tasker app” — Android Rundown

Tasker is available in the Android Market or at the Tasker Website (QR Code Here) bonusheft zahnarzt herunterladen.

Special thanks to Mike Cowper for turning me on to this incredibly useful application.

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