Welcome to the Age of the Troll

It seems like every decade there is a new and flashy business model that everyone falls in love with:

1980s: Diversified Corporation – Get big and have more than four lines of business. Example: GE.

1990s: Razor Blade Model – Sell the razor for cheap and the blades for a premium. Example: Ink jet printers, men’s razors.

2000s: Freemium – Free for everyone, but costs for premium features. Example: LinkedIn, Hootsuite.

2010s: The Troll – Amasses intellectual property and sues people and companies who infringe hoping for large settlements. Examples: The Recording Association of America, Righthaven and Intellectual Ventures.

So, everyone, welcome to the Age of the Troll. Oh, and make sure you look under the bridge before crossing.

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