Welcome to the Age of the Troll

It seems like every decade there is a new and flashy business model that everyone falls in love with:

1980s: Diversified Corporation – Get big and have more than four lines of business internet explorer 11 für xp kostenlos downloaden. Example: GE.

1990s: Razor Blade Model – Sell the razor for cheap and the blades for a premium. Example: Ink jet printers, men’s razors 3d küchenplaner software download kostenlos.

2000s: Freemium – Free for everyone, but costs for premium features. Example: LinkedIn, Hootsuite hisuite kostenlos downloaden.

2010s: The Troll – Amasses intellectual property and sues people and companies who infringe hoping for large settlements antivirus kostenlos herunterladen ohne registrierung. Examples: The Recording Association of America, Righthaven and Intellectual Ventures download free powerpoint 2010.

So, everyone, welcome to the Age of the Troll. Oh, and make sure you look under the bridge before crossing.

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