Four Must Have Extensions for OpenOffice

I’ve been using OpenOffice for about five years now. Say what you will, OpenOffice does nearly everything that MS Office can do at a much better $0 price audible mp3 herunterladen. I’ve even found that document compatibility between OpenOffice and MS Office is not that bad unless you are dealing with macros or super-complex formatting minecraft op laptop downloaden. There are a few features I miss from MS Office and WordPerfect before that (ok, well, mainly from WordPerfect). Fortunately, there are literally thousands of add-ons for OpenOffice, and here are three extensions that will make life with OpenOffice better:

LanguageTool Grammar Checker

Grammar check is one of’s most requested missing features herunterladen. LanguageTool, a free, open source grammar check is easy to install, works well, and can help you improve your writing. LanguageTool is very similar in capabilities to MS Word.  You can get LanguageTools here.


One of the features I really miss from WordPerfect (which had an amazing grammar checker called Grammatik built in) is it’s ability to give you feedback on readability. The ReadabilityReport gives you Flesh-Kinkaide, Brain Overload, FOG and SMOG reports that can help you better tune your writing to your audience.  Get ReadabilityReport here.

Oracle PDF Import Extension

So, you want to edit that PDF? As long as it’s not a fancy brochure that was created with a desktop publishing application, chances are the Oracle PDF Import Extension can import the PDF and let you edit it in OpenOffice.  Get Oracle PDF Import here.

Writer’s Tools

Sometimes there’s no substitute for a Swiss Army Knife.  Writer’s Tools enhances OpenOffice Writer with a set of useful utilities ranging for Google Translate, to backup, to retrieving maps from addresses in documents, to formatting your document for Wiki publication and more. Come for the visual word count feature and stay for the online lookup feature that gives you instant access to web-based tools like the Oxford Dictionary.  Not bad for free.  Get Writer’s Tools here.

2 thoughts on “Four Must Have Extensions for OpenOffice

  1. Just wanted to point out that LibreOffice (the fork that was founded last year by The Document Foundation) has the PDF Importer and Wiki Publisher installed by default. The rest of Writer’s Tools is not installed, however, although I agree it is a good set of tools. The Language Tool is also useful. I haven’t used the Readability Report, though.

    • I’ve not tried LibreOffice yet… it’s on the list of things to do when I find the time. I do support the general notion behind LibreOffice, that OpenOffice has stagnated and it’s time for that to change.

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