Uninviting razorwire fence.

Security Does Not Sell

I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of security as a feature. Here’s what I’ve decided:

Security does not sell.*

*except when you are selling security products.

Yes, security is important. Public security failures or injury lawsuits can evaporate profits. Unfortunately, security doesn’t win in the marketplace.

Insecure, but beautiful doors.

Glass sidelights and stained glass doors are beautiful, but easily defeated by a rock.

When it comes to selling, security is a lot less important than utility.  Take the front door on many homes. All that stands between the bad guys and your family is a glass sidelight.  If security mattered, Home Depot would offer four doors: 3″ solid oak, 1″ solid iron, and 6″ ultimate vault.  Instead, Home Depot’s selection generally increases in price as the amount of glass increases and security actually decreases.

Since door locks are a security products, people will pair their beautiful 80% glass french door with a $800 retina scanner dead bolt. Then they will add $1200 worth of burglar alarm which notifies the police after the bad guys have entered your home.

When it comes to selling, security is much less important than utility.  People buy things because they are useful or  cool.  People avoid products that are difficult to use or are cold and uninviting.

Security is uninviting.

There is a reason why it took a federal law to make seat belts standard in cars. There is a reason that Apple’s sales went up after Microsoft released Windows Vista.  There is a reason why you don’t want to be selling on security when your competition is selling on utility.

One thought on “Security Does Not Sell

  1. Yeah, I was thinking about this today too, as I was reading someone remarking about how most of us still use ancient tumbler locks and keys to secure out doors, when there is much better, more secure electronic access control available nowadays, and that tumblers are too easy to pick. But, the door itself is easy enough to smash through to gain access – forget the locks!

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