Why Charter Schools and Vouchers Are Worth It

School Library

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of articles condemning charter schools and vouchers. Almost every article I’ve read goes something like this: Charter school perform about the same as public schools according to standardized tests. Charter schools and vouchers suck money away from (failing) local public schools. Here’s why I think charter schools and vouchers […]

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Education, Double Standards and Standardized Tests

I’m amazed by educators. On one hand, they’ll hold students accountable and hand out disproportionate penalties for insignificant offenses. Don’t believe me?  Try taking a matchbook, 1″ pocket knife or  non-perscription medication to school these days.  On the other hand, educators are unable to take responsibility for fraud on a scale that only Bernie Madoff […]

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Recommended: Security, Oregon and Education.

This week’s recommended reading: Bruce Schneier has pointed out three extremely thought provoking rants on security.  I especially love the rant that points out companies are spending billions on security and getting beat by people who can’t spell. Incidentally, if you care about computer security and do not read Bruce’s blog, I strongly recommend that you […]

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