Desktop Ubuntu Performance Tuning: Select the Right Desktop

Picking the right desktop actually makes a huge difference in performance… but going lightweight doesn’t always work out. The lightweight desktops and their integrated apps often lack functionality that you need… and as soon as you install say, Dolphin (KDE’s file manager) or Nautilus (Gnome’s file manager), you load a lot of dependencies that make […]

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Congress Wants to Unplug the Internet with SOPA and PIPA

Uninviting razorwire fence.

Next week, congress will vote on SOPA (House version) and PIPA (Senate version).  Both SOPA and PIPA will break both the Internet and your Constitutional rights by enabling private companies to jail you for up to five years for posting something they think might infringe on a copyright. Update: Even the SOPA author US Representative Lamar […]

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