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If you build software, no matter if it’s embedded in a device, runs on the web as a service, or is installed on a device by a user, listening to your customers is underrated.

If you listen to your customers, they will tell you exactly how to succeed.

Yes, sometimes customers want something that only matters to them. Most of the time, customers actually will tell you how to make your software be more valuable and useful.

2021 has been an abject lesson in listening for me. My company, PivotCX lost all but four customers. We rebuilt our software and turned around our business by listening carefully to our customers, no matter how small the suggestion was.

The result? We were pretty much out of business, with just $5,000 per month in revenue in January 2021. Now we’re about to have our first $100,000 month.

Our customers told us exactly what we needed to do to be successful. Your customers will tell you, if you listen.